Automatic Door Operators

Our automatic door operators have been developed to enable the user to open and close doors within a property including the main entrance/exit doors. 

The automatic door operator can be controlled via a hand held radio remote control or push button, so therefore no contact with the door is required. We can even provide a hands free tag system if the user is unable to operate a remote control. Our Automatic Door Operators can also be integrated with a door entry system. 

At Liftech Systems we can install operators to suit various door designs, we can also supply bespoke doors to suit individual requirements.



  • Full Remote Radio Control Operation (Handheld or Pendant)

  • Hands-Free Operation Available

  • Auto-Close Facility (Spring Close on Fire Doors)

  • Can Be Integrated with Other Systems Such as Environmental and Door Intercom Systems

  • Can Be Installed on Main Entrance or Internal Doors

  • Electronic Security Lock (Main Entrance and Exit Doors)

  • Built-in Anti-Crush Safety Sensors (Door Will Re-Open or Close If an Obstacle Is Detected in Either Direction of Travel)

  • Slim, Unobtrusive Aluminium Design

  • Manual Touch to Open Button (Optional)

  • Battery Backup for the Unlikely Event of a Power Cut (Optional)

  • Hinge Finger Guards

Contact us, in Portsmouth, Hampshire, to speak to us about our automatic, hands-free doors.